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Hi, I'm Jock Brocas. Welcome to my profile!

Jock Brocas's Bio:

Jock Brocas is an author, professional Evidential Medium - natural from birth - developed later in life. Jock Brocas has dedicated his later years to his own spiritual development and the professional development of his spiritual gifts and his Mediumship. The Life of a spiritual medium is very rewarding but also has its inherent problems. Nevertheless, Jock believes in the sanctity of mediumship and takes his work as a medium very seriously. The need for evidence to consistently go forward in proving the existence of the afterlife is fundemental to his work.  Jock is known for giving irrefutable evidence and some of which can be validated much later. Jock is passionate about the science of psychic mediumship and works closely with many professionals in this field. He does not give general information that some psychics throw out and prefers the protocol of scientifically controlled telephone appointments. Jock very rarely gives psychic readings face-to-face. Jock developed his psychic gifts and mediumship later in life when he was visited by a spirit. At first, this visitation shocked him and terrified him, which led him into the true vocation he was here for, a psychic medium's life. He learned from his past and recognized that he was being groomed to work for spirit all his life - from growing up with spiritual leaders and spending time with religious communities - the path was being prepared. He is also a trained vocalist and is currently working on an Album to be released at some point in the future.

Jock Brocas's Experience:

  • Psychic Medium at Jock Brocas

  • Author at Publishers

Jock Brocas's Education:

  • St Aidans

    Concentration: High School

Jock Brocas's Interests & Activities:

SEO & Internet Marketing, Golf, Reading, Outdoors, Spiritual Growth

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